What You Need to Know About Oral Crowns and Bridges

If you’re dealing with the effects of one or more missing teeth, you may feel embarrassed and even afraid to be in public. However, millions of people have lost permanent teeth and found crowns and bridges helped them feel proud of their smiles.

Maybe you feel you’re a good candidate for dental crowns in Henderson, NV. Only a dentist can do an assessment to know for sure, but the information below should help you feel more informed prior to an initial visit.

What Are Dental Crowns?

 Dental crowns are tooth-shaped porcelain pieces that fit over existing teeth to improve their appearance and add protection. They are often recommended to patients who are not suited for dental implants.

In some cases, dental bridges may be used in conjunction with crowns. A bridge has a crown on each side, and an artificial tooth in the middle that is made from porcelain bonded to metal or ceramic.

Understanding the Process

 Dr. Irwan Goh provides dental crowns in Hendersonville, NV at our office. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, Dr. Goh will take impressions of the two teeth on either side of the gap where the missing tooth once was. Next, he will prepare the site by shaving the enamel of those neighboring teeth and inserting a temporary crown. Then, during a second visit, he will insert the permanent crown and situate it in the proper position.

After the crown is in your mouth, there may be a follow-up appointment to ensure everything looks as it should. No matter what, Dr. Goh will inform you about good oral care measures and answer any questions you have.

There is no need to be ashamed of missing teeth. Procedures like those explained above could restore your smile, not to mention boost your self confidence and help you feel more sociable. To make an appointment with Dr. Goh, just call 702-732-3754.





The Pros and Cons of CEREC Crowns

Like many fields, dentistry has become very advanced, probably even in your lifetime. CEREC crowns are one example of an improvement that some dentists think represents the future of cosmetic dentistry. If you are considering getting CEREC crowns in Henderson, NV, keep reading to discover some of the benefits and potential disadvantages of the procedure.

These Crowns Do Not Have Metal Parts

 Unlike traditional crowns, these newer varieties do not have components made of metal. Although metal does not cause harm, people often prefer to go with other, less obvious, materials when possible.

Furthermore, dental x-rays cannot penetrate crowns made of metal, which means tooth decay may go unnoticed. CEREC crowns are made of porcelain, a material that does not block x-rays.

Dentists Need Special Training

 There is a specific machine used for making CEREC crowns and dentists must get training to learn how to use it. Some people may be at a disadvantage if there is not a dentist in their area that has learned how to operate the equipment.

Fortunately, people who are interested in CEREC crowns in Henderson, NV can make appointments at our office to see Dr. Irwan Goh. He is a general dentist and regularly meets with patients to determine whether this procedure is right for them.

No Need for Multiple Appointments

Traditional crowns require patients to make at least two appointments, but CEREC crowns can be inserted in just one visit. If you have a busy lifestyle and would prefer to get crowns as quickly as possible, this is a major advantage.

Your Insurance May Not Cover Crowns

Since CEREC crowns are relatively new, some dental insurance plans do not cover them. However, our office accepts several payment methods and we can even discuss third-party financing with you.

Contact our office today and learn more about this procedure. Just call 702-732-3754 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Goh.


The Benefits and Risks of IV Sedation Dentistry

Anxiety about going to the dentist unfortunately causes many people to delay seeking treatment for oral issues. If you can relate, perhaps now is a good time to consider making an appointment to see if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry in Henderson, NV. Patients are sedated orally, through inhalation or intravenously, but many people prefer the third option for several reasons.

Fast Results

Oral sedatives may take over an hour to reach full effectiveness, but IV sedation works much faster. Sometimes patients can feel the drugs working within a few seconds.

Deeper Levels of Sedation Are Possible

Compared to sedatives that are inhaled or administered by mouth, intravenous drugs can cause deeper sedated states. This makes them appropriate for patients that are extremely anxious or need to be sedated for longer periods of time because they require extensive dental work.

No Risk of Gag Reflex

Some patients have sensitive gag reflexes, making them unable to tolerate oral and inhaled sedatives. Since IV sedation goes into the bloodstream via a vein, the possibility of patients struggling with overly sensitive gag reflexes is completely bypassed.

Dr. Irwan Goh offers sedation dentistry in Henderson, NV, and he can inform you of some more advantages related to this option. However, like any dental procedure, there are also potential downsides.

For example, some patients may become overly sedated, which could lead to respiratory problems. Furthermore, from time to time, patients experience amnesia after receiving IV sedation.

Since intravenous sedatives may be more expensive than alternatives, you may want to see if your insurance will provide coverage. If not, rest assured, we accept several payment options. Additionally, because we do not want financial limitations to prevent patients from getting the oral care they need, we can also put you in contact with third-party financing providers.

If you are interested in finding out more about how sedation could be used at your next dental appointment, call 702-732-3754 and make plans to consult with Dr. Goh.

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