Invisalign® Versus Traditional Braces: What’s the Difference?

For decades, people have depended on braces to help them get straighter teeth. However, the dental industry has made advancements, and now it is possible to use an alternative method called Invisalign®. Perhaps you have begun researching the benefits of getting Invisalign® in Henderson, NV, but are still curious about how this new method differs from the traditional method.

You Get Custom-Made Aligners

 People with standard braces usually become accustomed to the feel of cold, rough metal in their mouths, due to the wires and brackets. However, Invisalign® patients receive smooth, plastic aligners approximately every two weeks for the duration of their treatments. Unlike braces, which some people perceive as unattractive and obvious, the aligners are nearly invisible.

The Aligners Are Removable

 People with traditional braces often have difficulty cleaning their teeth thoroughly because they feel like the metal appliances get in the way. However, you can remove the plastic aligners whenever is convenient, meaning it is not only easy to brush and floss as normal, but you can bite into apples or eat sticky foods without worrying about dental appliances getting broken as you eat.

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 So far, you have learned about how Invisalign® is different than braces. However, it is also important to realize that this newer system treats most of the same things standard braces do, including overbite and underbite.

Dr. Irwan Goh sees patients who are interested in Invisalign® in Henderson, NV. If you are a candidate for this teeth-straightening option, Dr. Goh will thoroughly discuss the process with you and explain how it is necessary to stay on a regular appointment schedule throughout this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Once you learn about how easy it is to improve your smile with a method that is almost invisible and allows you to eat all your favorite foods, it should be clear there’s a better choice than braces. Call 702-732-3754 today to make an appointment with Dr. Goh.



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