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Fix Your Crooked Teeth Discreetly

Straighten Your Crooked Teeth at Any Age

Are you embarrassed by your crooked teeth? Do you wish they were straighter, but do not want a mouth full of traditional metal braces? It is time to discover the revolutionary clear braces known as Invisalign®! Patients of Irwan Goh, DDS rave about this product that straightens teeth beautifully.

Invisalign® can be your solution for a teeth straightening system that does not use wires or uncomfortable brackets. People won’t even know that you are using them without closely inspecting your teeth. Invisalign’s clear aligners are virtually invisible and comfortable.

If a comfortable and convenient teeth straightening system sounds like something you are looking for, Invisalign® may be for you.


Crooked Teeth Are More Than an Aesthetic Problem
Orthodontics Invisalign in Henderson, NV

Periodontal Disease

When the teeth do not align properly, they form spots that are hard to reach and clean. These overlapping areas may eventually be the start of serious deterioration and decay.

Orthodontics Invisalign in Henderson, NV

Misaligned Bites

A misaligned bite can lead to increased wear and tear of the tooth enamel, especially on the back teeth. Constant tapping and grinding of teeth against each other can even crack teeth.

Orthodontics Invisalign in Henderson, NV

Tooth Loss

The inability to properly clean overlapping areas can lead to bone loss and eventually tooth loss. The loss of a natural tooth is serious, and we always attempt to avoid this problem.

How Invisalign® Clear Braces Work

The Invisalign® system works through a series of clear plastic aligner trays. The trays are designed with the aid of a computer, and they gradually move your crooked teeth into perfect position. Because your bite is unique, your clear aligner trays will be unique, too. This is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, but is instead completely focused on you.

Most patients experience a little discomfort the first day or two after putting a new aligner into their mouths. The aligners are removed only when eating or brushing and flossing. Otherwise, they stay in your mouth for the duration of your treatment plan.

As an Invisalign® patient of Dr. Goh, you will be required to keep regular appointments to ensure that your teeth are moving as planned. At the end of each appointment, the next one will be made. It is important that you keep all your appointments, as they are part of the Invisalign® process. At the end of treatment, your teeth will be straight. However, you will need to wear a retainer at night to ensure they stay this way.

To find out if you might be a candidate for Invisalign® clear braces, contact us today!

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Orthodontics Invisalign in Henderson, NV

Healthier Mouth

Swollen, red gums can often be the result of having teeth that are crowded or too widely spaced. When teeth are properly aligned, it helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, allowing for the strongest and healthiest defense against problems.

Orthodontics Invisalign in Henderson, NV

Overall Health

Think of your teeth as a window to the health of your body. Your teeth and gums — and how they look to others when you smile—say a lot about your overall health. If you’re taking good care of both, you’re probably taking good care of the rest of you.

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