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Dealing with periodontal disease does not have to mean having an uncomfortable experience. Our office offers leading-edge gum disease treatment procedures that provide long-term, reliable results in a comfortable setting. We use advanced technology and equipment to ensure that you feel good about receiving your periodontal treatments with us. There is no reason to wait to address your gum disease. Call Irwan Goh, DDS in Henderson, NV, at 702-732-3754.

What Can You Expect if You Delay Treatment?
Gum Disease Periodontal Treatments in Henderson, NV

Bleeding gums

Gums that bleed while eating, drinking, brushing or flossing.

Gum Disease Periodontal Treatments in Henderson, NV

Pain and Discomfort

Gums that are red, inflamed and painful to the touch.

Gum Disease Periodontal Treatments in Henderson, NV

Bigger Oral Health Issues

Your teeth could start to loosen, and chronic bad breath could become an issue.

Intervention of Periodontal Disease Starts with the Best Equipment and Techniques

We Can Treat Your Periodontal Disease

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Dr. Goh has spent his career learning about the most advanced ways of addressing even severe cases of gum disease. No matter what type of periodontal problem you have encountered, he can help by performing one or more of a number of treatments.

Periodontal Maintenance

Patients with periodontal disease need special maintenance that goes beyond general dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Goh provides leading-edge treatments that are done in a relaxed setting, and can be administered under sedation if you suffer from dental anxiety. With dental lasers, we can promise better outcomes and a more comfortable experience.

Bone Grafting

If you have lost a significant amount of bone in one or more areas, you may be a candidate for bone grafting surgery. This procedure improves bone structure to support tooth replacement treatments. If the bone loss is in the upper molar region, the bone grafting process is called a sinus lift or augmentation.


A gingivectomy is a surgical procedure whereby Dr. Goh will reshape the gum tissues around a particular tooth or around several teeth. Gingivectomies are usually performed because the gums appear unnatural and may be contributing to the advancement of the periodontal disease.

Ridge Preservation

When a natural tooth must be removed, the area is susceptible to bone loss. Ridge preservation methods allow Dr. Goh to ensure that the bony ridge is not lost, despite the loss of the tooth. Eventually, patients who undergo ridge preservation treatments may opt for dental implants to completely replace the missing tooth.

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