Are Stubborn Tooth Stains Making You Frown?

Whitening Can Restore Your Smile!

Do You Want a Brighter Smile?

If you are like many people, you have wondered if your smile is as white as it can be. You may have stained or discolored teeth or you simply may feel that your bright smile has faded over the years. In many cases, we can restore your grin with procedures teeth whitening that are only available through a dental provider. Call us now at 702-732-3754 and discover how you can get your teeth gleaming.

Why Do My Teeth Look So Dirty?

You brush, you floss and you visit the dentist twice a year. Yet, your teeth still look dirty. Why? The truth is that regular maintenance cannot tackle all the stains that build up over time on your teeth. Whether the stains are from drinks like coffee and soda, or foods such as berries and chocolate, they are there for good…unless you address them with professional teeth whitening.

Unlike over-the-counter remedies that promise to teeth whitening, the formulas and products we use in our office are of higher grades. Therefore, they efficiently get rid of nasty stains and leave only a polished, bright smile. In just one application, you can significantly change the way you present yourself to the world.

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Common Questions About Whitening
Before and After Teeth whitening in Henderson, NV

Are In-Office Teeth Whitening Products Safe?

This is a question we get asked quite frequently, and the answer is YES. Teeth whitening is a part of cosmetic dentistry, and the materials that are used to whiten teeth in our office are regulated for safety. Your teeth will not be exposed to any chemicals that would cause the enamel to break down. Plus, we emphasize comfort during your procedure.

Can I Still Whiten My Teeth at Home?

If you want to whiten your teeth at home to keep them from re-staining, Dr. Irwan Goh can suggest products that are affordable, comfortable and effective.

What If Some of My Stains Will Not Go Away?

Tooth whitening does not work on all types of tooth stains. For instance, gray teeth caused by antibiotic treatment will not respond to topical whiteners. The same is true for teeth that are discolored because of metal fillings. However, there are other cosmetic dentistry options to address those concerns, such as porcelain veneers or crowns.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening
The Zoom! teeth whitening procedure is used to lighten discoloration of the enamel caused by food, drink, smoking, and age. Zoom! is performed in-office using a special light that accelerates the bleaching process, leaving you with dramatically whiter teeth!

The Procedure

The actual whitening procedure usually lasts about 90 minutes. However, a regular teeth cleaning may be required by your dentist prior to treatment.

Before the procedure begins, the lips and gums are covered to protect them from exposure. The teeth are then coated with the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, which combined with the Zoom! light penetrates the teeth to break up stains and discoloration.

The gel is left on the teeth for 15 minutes while the light is activated. The gel is reapplied for three 15-minute sessions. In all, the teeth are treated for 45 minutes.

After the procedure, a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste-gel is applied to the teeth to reduce sensitivity to hot or cold.

Maintaining Whitening Effects

Your doctor will give you a Zoom! home-use touch-up kit that will include custom-fitted whitening trays. Schedule an appointment and follow your doctor’s instructions for when and how to use this kit.

Zoom Professional Whitening System in Henderson, NV
Teeth whitening in Henderson, NV
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