Digital Smile Design in Henderson, NV

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Digital Smile Design, or DSD, is a revolutionary, patient-centered approach to treatment planning. DSD offers patients at Irwan Goh DDS the unprecedented opportunity to participate in the design of their new smile and allows them to try on or “test-drive” a 3D prototype. Patients can experience the look and feel of their new smile prior to having any treatment completed, ensuring the ideal, expected results are delivered.

DSD allows patients the groundbreaking ability to:


A series of digital photographs, computerized scans and videos are uploaded to a computer allowing Dr. Goh to see in real-time and with incredible detail, a patient’s bite, how their cheeks and lips rest on their teeth, and more.

The software also allows Dr. Goh to move and manipulate the image so different treatment plans can be tried to find the best method of care for each patient before any treatment begins in real life. Patients can create a new smile for themselves or use a photograph to get back the smile they once had. Shade, shape, and materials can be completely customized based on the patient’s requests and the dentist’s ability to create a smile that is functional and ethical based on those requests.

The final step allows the patient to test-drive their smile by trying on a 3D mock-up. This gives the patient the best view of what the end result would look like. This mock-up then serves as the guide for any treatment performed, offering the ability to deliver results precisely to the patient’s expectation.


Digital Smile Design is the result of years of research and development. We can now directly involve the patient in their own treatment planning and allow them to have a smile that is their own and 100% unique.

Always striving to offer his patients the best possible treatment, Dr. Goh is one of the first doctors in the Pacific Northwest that is qualified to offer this new level of excellence in dental care. Call us at 360-254-6411 to learn more about whether Digital Smile Design is right for you.