Get YOUR Picture Perfect Smile, Without the
Pain Of Traditional Dentistry...

Visits to the Dentist Are Painful and Expensive, but they don’t have to be…

  1. You’re worried that your children won’t get the proper care or that they may experience trauma in the chair like you did…
  2. You don’t go to the dentist because you’re worried your insurance won’t cover it!
  3. You’re worried that your dentist is going to treat you like a number, and not a person…

What has she tried?

  1. You’ve tried Whitening strips, mouthguards, and sweaping it under the rug but those cavities, tooth aches, and imperfections in your smile aren’t going away any time soon…
  2. You’ve tried the standard “Budget” dentist, the one who barely charges enough to pay their rent, but they can’t afford to offer you all the services you need at an affordable rate because they’re so focused on cutting costs…
  3. You’ve worked with dentists in the past who don’t see you as a person but simply as a pocket book every time you open your mouth, they pull out more cash in the form of your teeth…

What does she want to do?

You want to get the treatment you need, the beautiful smile you can feel confident showing off to your friends and collegaues, and be confident in your oral health provider that you’re getting the latest and greatest treatment, the highest quality of care, and will be seen in a timely manner and not have to wait months to get your work done.

What is she missing?

You may feel like every dentist is out there to try and “extract” as much money from your mouth as possible, is utterly lacking in a soul, and is a robotic automaton saying the same thing over and over who doesn’t genuinely care for you as a person…

If this is the case, I have news for you, there is hope! Your oral care provider should be your confidant, your advisor on all things oral hygiene and care, and a resource for learning to help you and your family enjoy the benefits of that perfect smile you desire and all the perks that come with being “radiant”.

Is your dentist’s office trapped in the 1980s? Are they using old techniques and technology to solve present day challenges? New lifestyle choices. Life isn’t slowing down, and you need an oral care provider who can keep up with the latest trends, technology and techniques designed to provide you the quality of care you and your family deserve.

Most other offices are antiquated, outdated, and quite frankly use “old” techniques that are painful and don’t produce the results that you need.

If you’re like most of our patients we see, then you’ve experienced some sort of pain from your provider, whether it was when you were a kid or later in your life, that makes you not want to darken the doors of a dentists office without first thoroughly vetting them to make sure they’re the RIGHT one.

Why are these chosen?

Maybe you didn’t know that there was a caring, patient, attentive, and forward-thinking dentist who utilizes advance techniques, tools and technology to make pain a thing of the past to say the least, let alone make it somewhat pleasurable dear I say?

What are they using #2:

You’ve tried home based treatments but they lack the power and potency of professional care and leave you wanting something better…

Or maybe you’re trying to do your own dental care at home, maybe it’s whitening strips or a mouth guard you bought at the local grocery or drug store, to try to put an end to the incessant grinding you do in the middle of the night.

Flat teeth aren’t beautiful teeth, they’re flat, ugly, & square… You don’t want your teeth slowly dwinding away until you’re left with stumps and forced to BUY a new set do you?

No rather, you want those round, shapely, perfect little chiclets don’t you? But HOW!?

We will show you.

What are they using

You’ve maybe tried the local “Budget Dentists” and one word describes your experience – cheap. Probably you got a squirt of novacane or perhaps not even a puff of nitrous to help with the pain… this dentists motto is “why pay for something if you don’t need it?”

Because, you deserve the BEST not the CHEAPEST…

The old saying applies, you do get what you pay for. Working with a “cheap” dentist will get you “cheap” results and a smile that won’t turn heads, be the talk of the cocktail party, or even the neighborhood for that matter.

Don’t you want a smile that POPS, that stops people in mid-sentence, and that brightens a room and makes all whom are in your presence jealous?

Don’t you want a smile that makes men’s knees buckle, that causes your peers to murmur, that makes the police officer let you off with a warning the next time you’re caught going just a tad over the speed limit?

Why are these chosen?

Perhaps you’re not aware of what a truly remarkable smile will do for you and the “cost savings” of having such a stellar set of chompers.

Studies show that men are more attracted to a woman who has a beautiful smile, who uses that smile to disarm them and a female’s smile actually conveys femininity which is ultimately an attractive quality for the opposite sex (or even the same).

You may also believe that you don’t deserve a beautiful smile and all that comes along with it.

These are simply limiting beliefs and are likely still programmed into you from a very young age by your parents, teachers, peers or even your past dentist…

What’s wrong with these solutions?

Budget providers, inattentive and unskilled providers, and diy solutions don’t solve your challenge.

You don’t want to “save money” if it means getting only ½ the work done you need to give you a healthy gorgeous smile do you?

No you want a smile that can make you feel like a million bucks, without the price tag, and with the least pain – time – effort involved don’t you?

You want to test drive this smile at dinner parties, social events, and hear the feedback from neighbors and friends.

Saving money or working with the wrong dentist who doesn’t solve your problem… rather it may even make it worse…

And lets be real, D.I.Y. “solutions” quite frankly doesn’t work, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page would you?

No you need real, lasting solutions that are made affordable to you and that can help you achieve that dreamy, healthy, confident smile that will take you places in life, all while not breaking the bank.

What does this mean for them?

So let me ask you this. If you don’t correct this, what will happen?

How long will you continue to suffer as the brunt of jokes, feeling like an outcast, feeling ridiculed for the way your smile is?

Feeling as though you could have had more in life if only, you had done the “right” thing and improved your smile.

Think of all the job opportunities, the interviews, the dating opportunities missed because of the first impression your “not so perfect” smile made without your knowing?

And what’s even worse, it’s a simple fix…

Every day you could wake up and feel like a child at Christmas, rushing straight to the bathroom mirror to check your picture-perfect smile.

The pristine, porcelain finish that every movie star pays 10,000’s for and you can have it for a fraction of that!

You can finally show your smile off to the world, flaunt it to your friends, selfie it on social, and get doors held open for you, drinks bought on a whim and men swooning over the opportunity to court you.

This could all be had with the properly adjusted smile, in a simple and easy process with a painless practitioner like Dr. Goh.

If you’re ready to be delighted like a kid in the candy store (without the sugary tooth decay) then book your FREE 15 minute smile consultation and Digital Smile “TEST DRIVE”  with our state of the art virtual smile design consultation. Finally, you will see how MUCH your smile could improve with a few simple changes