My Customers Struggle With Confidence Caused By Their Imperfect Smile Because They Are Scared of The Dentist or Struggle To Get The Right Treatment Due To Cost. That’s Why We Help Make Oral Care Visits Seamless and Painless, So They Can Experience The Pride and Confidence of A Uniquely Beautiful Smile.

Visits to the Dentist Are Painful and Expensive, but they don’t have to be…

Core problem #1: Childhood trauma and fear of the chair (noise from the drill, pain)…

Core problem 2: High cost of treatment…unable to afford the RIGHT treatment for their needs…

Core problem 3: Lack of and understanding for their pain points…

What has she tried?

  1. DIY options: Whitening strips, mouthguards,
  2. “Budget” dentistry who don’t charge enough to give them the care they need
  3. Other dentists who don’t care for their needs, listen to her and show empathy.

What does she want to do?

They want to get the treatment they need, the beautiful smile they need, and the care they need to walk confidently in the world knowing that people see their beautiful smile and hard work they’re doing.

What is she missing?

She is lacking a trusted advisor, a caring provider, who can steer her in the right direction towards treatment that will last her a lifetime and will give her back her confidence to smile again.

Problem Level 2: Throw Rocks at The Competition

What are they using #1:

Dentist offices trapped in the past, using old techniques and technology to solve real challenges – the pain of treatment and childhood trauma

Most other offices are using antiquated, outdated, frankly “old” techniques that are painful and don’t produce the results that you need to feel confident in your smile again. If you’re like most of our patients we see, then you’ve experienced some sort of dental trauma, whether in adulthood or in your youth, and that brings you to not want to come to the dentist to improve your smile.

Why are these chosen?

Because they didn’t know that there was a caring, patient, attentive, and forward-thinking dentist who utilizes advance techniques, tools and technology to make the patient experience purely pleasurable if not divine.

What are they using #2:

Home based treatments that lack the power and potency of professional care

Or maybe you’re trying to do your own dental care at home, maybe it’s whitening strips or a mouth guard you bought at the local grocery or drug store, to try and stop the incessant grinding you do in the middle of the night. Flat teeth aren’t beautiful teeth, they’re flat, ugly, square teeth. You want those round, shapely, white teeth that are like chiclets, not flat, square and dull teeth, but how do you get them?

Why are these chosen?

Because it’s “cost effective” and they didn’t know if insurance would cover their treatments.

What are they using #3:

Budget dentists – cheap, “cost effective”, and lack luster results where you wish you hadn’t spent the money in the first place

Budget dentistry, you go to them because they’re cheap. Well, the old saying applies, you do get what you pay for. Working with a “cheap” dentist will get you “cheap” results and a smile that won’t turn heads, be the talk of the cocktail party, or even the neighborhood for that matter.

Don’t you want a smile that stops people in mid-sentence, that brightens a room, that makes people want to be in your company? Don’t you want a smile that makes men’s knees buckle, that turns women against you out of jealousy, that makes the police officer let you off with a warning the next time you’re caught going just a tad over the speed limit?

Why are these chosen?

Because they’re not educated on what a truly remarkable smile will do for them and the “cost” savings of having a stellar smile rather than a “so so” smile.

Studies show that men are more attracted to a woman who has a beautiful smile, who uses that smile to disarm them and female smiles convey femininity which is ultimately an attractive quality for the opposite sex.

She may also believe that she doesn’t deserve a beautiful smile and all that comes along with it. These limiting beliefs about her smile may have been instilled from a very young age by her parents or even her dentist.

What’s wrong with these solutions?

Budget providers, inattentive and unskilled providers, and diy solutions don’t solve her challenge. She doesn’t want to “save” money, she wants her smile made beautiful with the least pain and the least time, so that she may enjoy “taking her smile for a drive around the block” at dinner parties, social events, and hear the feedback from neighbors and friends. Saving money or working with the wrong dentist who doesn’t care about her needs and fears is not the right solutions, and the DIY stuff quite frankly doesn’t work. She needs real, lasting solutions that are made affordable to her in her price range (payment plans).

What does this mean for them?

If she doesn’t correct this, she will suffer many more years as the brunt of jokes, feel an outcast, feel ridiculed for the way her smile is, and feel as though she could have had more in life if only, she had done the “right” thing and improved her smile.

Think of all the job opportunities, the interviews, the dating opportunities missed because of the first impression she made. And what’s even worse, it could have been fixed so that every day she wakes up and can’t wait to rush to the mirror to inspect her picture perfect (for her) smile. The pristine smile that she can show off to the world, flaunt to her friends, selfie on social, and get doors held open for her, drinks bought on a whim and men swooning over the opportunity to court her.

This could all be had with the properly adjusted smile, in a simple and easy process with a painless practitioner like Dr. Goh.

Next Step:

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