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We combine science and technology to offer tailored, transformative dental solutions to guide you to a beautifully healthy smile.

Smiles by Goh cosmetic and restorative solutions

cosmetic and restorative solutions

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leading edge technology

Digital X-Ray

Safe and quick, these detailed images allow us to diagnose and treat more effectively.

Intraoral Camera

Being able to see beyond the naked eye allows us to get a better picture of your overall dental health.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

Providing digital images, this tool provides an accurate view of your mouth so you can understand what’s happening and we can create digital impressions.

Cone Beam Imaging

With the most advanced imaging process in dentistry, we have unlimited high-quality views of your teeth, face, and neck to provide you with a custom treatment plan.


Our in office mill allows us to create and place dental crowns and other restorations in a single visit.


Combining air, water, and laser energy, we can perform precise procedures with less pain.

AMD Diode Lasers

Using a laser beam, we can treat teeth and tissue delivering fast and precise results.


Using 3D digital software, we can plan your smile makeover with you.

3D Printing

Creating dental appliances in the office allows us to provide faster and more accurate care.

Oral ID Cancer Screening

Using fluorescence technology, we are able to easily visualize precancerous and cancerous spots with blue light.

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