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You no longer have
to suffer at the dentist

Do your previous dental visits haunt you?  Does the thought of hearing the drill grind by your ears, bracing for the pain give you second thoughts on fixing your problem?  Is it preventing you from seeking treatment?  Let’s face it, old dental methods can be extremely frightening; there’s so much sound and so little ease for treatment. 

With Dr. Goh, you get a different experience.  Patients receive the latest, painless treatments to take care of their dental needs in a comfortable, friendly setting.

Smiles by Goh is offers the latest dental technology and an expert, caring team! Out with the old ways … It’s time you experienced a dental practice that offers you solutions with ease.

Fear of dental costs causing you to attempt on your own dental care?

You wouldn’t perform your own transmission rebuild without knowledge of how the transmission works would you? So why do people pursue their own oral treatments or go with budget providers, when the supervision and services of a properly trained professional are quite frankly necessary AND affordable?

Remember that old saying “you get what you pay for”?

Cheap solutions usually give you cheap results!

You are more than just a number...

Have you ever felt like just another number, just a line item on the balance sheet? You don’t want to be treated like you’re just another paycheck or a credit card that gets swiped without another thought. And what about the cost? A cleaning alone might break your bank much less if you have anything else that needs addressed.

Rest assured, there IS a better choice for you. Smiles by Goh is a dental practice where you are treated like family, where it isn’t about just the money. It’s about the person & their oral health. THAT level of care and personal attention is what you will receive with Dr. Goh

2 decades of proven results helping people achieve the smile of their dreams...

When you choose Dr. Goh to be your dentist you are making the best decision for your dental health.  You want a doctor that will listen to what you say.  You want a doctor who understands what you’re going through.  You want a doctor that cares.  You want a doctor that will do the JOB RIGHT THE FIRST TIME so you can leave your ‘problem teeth’ part behind forever.

Good news! Dr. Goh is ready to help you achieve the smile of your dreams

  • You want your teeth to look good, feel good, and NEVER hurt.
  • You want your teeth and gums to look natural and healthy.
  • You want teeth that are so strong, feel so natural and function so well you can eat anything you want and savor every bite with no worry or concern over your teeth.
  • You want teeth that LAST A LIFETIME, so you can live and laugh and love and spend happy times with friends and family, and share your great smile every step of the way.

You want to look and feel your best, don’t you … Of course you do!


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Test Drive your new smile with ZERO risk and ZERO obligation by scheduling your FREE Digital Smile Design Consultation

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Are you ready to plan for your perfect smile?

Learn how about the 7 myths of smile design and how you can achieve the smile of your dreams

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We guide you every step
of the way

You will be guided through the entire process of designing your brilliant new smile with your Dental Care Advisor.  Learn how to and maintain your new smile with ease in less than 3 minutes a day


What our Patients are Saying

Why is the New Way the Right Way?

Armed with this new, somewhat radical, information you will feel the confidence you need to move forward with designing your ideal smile, in a pain free environment, with the care and attention you need from an experienced oral care team who can help you through the process, all in a comfortable and painless manner.

No longer do you have to feign a smile due to worry of what others might think of your imperfect oral condition.

No longer will you need to fear the visits your make to your dental hygienist who in the past was inattentive and often haggard with their handling of the instruments.

No longer do you need to worry about whether or not the dentist is going to “recommend” an overpriced, outdated, unflattering treatment that is going to leave you feeling frustrated and in pain.

Look Forward with Pain-free Ease

With Dr. Goh’s state of the art facility, you are going to get the painless, easy, straightforward and forward-thinking care that you need to feel like a million bucks and have a smile that matches that, without the heavy price tag.

Don’t delay in scheduling your complimentary Digital Smile By Design consultation and get your very own FREE smile design guide along with our free report “Preventing and Healing Dental Disasters – a Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating the Big 4 Problems of Oral Health.”

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