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why we are different

Out With The Old
Ways ...

The old way is painful and takes a lot of time and can be embarrassing.

Having to go into the office and get manual braces attached to your face, sure it’s cheap, but it makes a working professional look goofy at best.

Not to mention the drills and the grinding, old technology and techniques are a thing of the past and only a sophisticated individual would seek out a sophisticated place of business such as Smiles by Goh to provide the latest, painless, treatments known to modern dentistry.

You Get What You
Pay For ...

You wouldn’t perform your own transmission rebuild without knowledge of how the transmission works would you? So why do people pursue their own oral treatments or go with budget providers, when the supervision and services of a properly trained professional are quite frankly necessary AND affordable?

Remember that old saying “you get what you pay for”?

Cheap solutions usually give you cheap results!

It Shouldn't Be Just About Money ...

Most providers are in it just for the paycheck and treat customers with a surface level of care and understanding. Have you ever felt like just another number, another line on the balance sheet? Someone to swipe your credit card and not see your provider for another 6 months when they check your teeth, tell you to brush and send you on your way with another $300 bill? And that’s on a good day, let alone if you have a cavity or tooth decay to worry about.

We know, and this is all too common in the industry.

Successful Dentistry for 21+ Years ...

Unskilled, untrained and unequipped dentists try their hand at the trade and end up causing more damage than good, and leave you fearing the chair more than when you saw that new version of “IT” or children of the corn…

Instead why not work with a 21 year veteran, with a proven track record of successfully administering health and beauty enhancing oral treatments, for women and children? Why not choose to work with Dr. Irwin Goh at Smiles by Goh?

Whitening toothpaste barely lightens your teeth up even a single shade and hardly EVER get rid of the coffee stains or yellow color of smoker teeth… Even if you haven’t smoked for YEARS…

Wouldn't you Rather Put Your Trust in Two Decades of PROVEN Results?

Instead, wouldn’t you rather work with an oral care provider who uses the latest technology, proven relaxation techniques, surgeon level precision and care when administering treatments, and has over two decades of proven practice results?

Not to mention scoring 10 out of 10 on patient delight scores.

Patients pour in each and every month, eager to hop into our chair to receive our famous “white glove treatment” and the utmost attention and care.

When you put your trust with a trained, experienced, oral care professional you can have the expert level of service, knowledge and care that accompanies a seamless experience where pain can become a thing of the past and all that remains if a beautiful, lasting, healthy smile that makes others swoon at your presence.

Step Into Results ...

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Schedule your FREE no obligation Digital Smile Design Consultation and “test drive” your new smile for free with zero risk and zero obligation.

Step 2

Plan your smile consolation where we will share with you the 7 myths of smile design and how you can achieve your dream smile, and confidence, in a matter of months or even weeks.

Step 3

Your New Dental Care Advisor will Guide You Through the Process of Designing and Maintaining Your Brilliant New Smile With Ease in Less Than 3 Minutes A Day


What our Patients are Saying

Why is the New Way the Right Way?

Armed with this new, somewhat radical, information you will feel the confidence you need to move forward with designing your ideal smile, in a pain free environment, with the care and attention you need from an experienced oral care team who can help you through the process, all in a comfortable and painless manner.

No longer do you have to feign a smile due to worry of what others might think of your imperfect oral condition.

No longer will you need to fear the visits your make to your dental hygienist who in the past was inattentive and often haggard with their handling of the instruments.

No longer do you need to worry about whether or not the dentist is going to “recommend” an overpriced, outdated, unflattering treatment that is going to leave you feeling frustrated and in pain.

Look Forward with Pain-free Ease

With Dr. Goh’s state of the art facility, you are going to get the painless, easy, straightforward and forward-thinking care that you need to feel like a million bucks and have a smile that matches that, without the heavy price tag.

Don’t delay in scheduling your complimentary Digital Smile By Design consultation and get your very own FREE smile design guide along with our free report “Preventing and Healing Dental Disasters – a Comprehensive Guide to Eliminating the Big 4 Problems of Oral Health.”

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