Perio Protect®

Our dentist may recommend Perio Protect® to eliminate disease-causing bacteria and improve your oral health. This simple periodontal treatment uses specially prescribed medical solutions to reach the infected areas of your mouth and fight the disease. Call Smiles by Goh today at 702-732-3754 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Irwan Goh and learn if Perio Protect in Henderson, Nevada, is right for you.

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Perio Protect® is a comprehensive, non-invasive treatment for gum disease that is designed to improve your oral health and promote your comfort during your treatment. Perio Protect involves chemical plaque removal, which is used in combination with traditional procedures for removing plaque and bacteria, such as scaling and root planing.

During the chemical plaque removal portion of this treatment, our dentist will provide you with custom-made Perio Trays®. These trays are uniquely designed to fit your mouth and deliver the prescribed medical solutions to the infected areas of your gingival crevices and periodontal pockets. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use your Perio Tray.

The prescribed medications delivered by your Perio Tray will help to manage the biofilm in your mouth, preventing these communities of bacteria from regenerating between your appointments at our office. After you have begun your Perio Protect treatment, our dentist may use other procedures or further chemical removal treatments to treat oral wounds caused by gum disease before continuing your treatment with scaling and root planing or another manual periodontal procedure.

We welcome you to contact us today for more information about Perio Protect and to make your appointment with our experienced dentist.

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